Software engineering

It goes without saying that we can also be of service to you with regards to software engineering. In addition to developing and constructing your machine we will also develop its software, through the development of machine control systems and visualisation. Machworx is a guarantee for turn-key delivery of your machine.

Our software engineers and developers will bring every machine to life, from a simple PLC controller to machine control systems with complete visualisation. We are specialised in developing controls systems in Siemens S7, CoDeSys and DirectLogic. Additionally, other controller types can also be adapted and/or programmed by us.

Visualisation is realised through software such as VB.Net Visual Studio and Simatic WinCC.

Our developers see functionality wishes or problems as a challenge to which a fitting solution is to be found.

Our software branch is very versatile, in addition to software development we can also be of service to you programming Servo Drive controllers (any brand) and hardware/PCB development.

Our specializations

Visualisation (Scada)

  • VB.Net Industrial applications (Win Xp, Win 7, Win 8)
    • VisualStudio
    • MsSQL Database
    • OPC Server
  • Simatic WinCC


  • DirectLogic
    • Koyo 05, 06, 105, 205, 305 ,405
    • Koyo Click
  • Siemens s7
    • Step 7 200, 300, 400
    • TiaPortal 1200
  • CoDeSys
    • V3

Bus systems

  • Profibus
  • Profinet
  • I2C


  • Weintek
  • Siemens


  • Win Xp
  • Win 7
  • Win 8.1

Variable Frequency Drives and Servo Drives

  • Lenze
  • Vacon
  • Mitsubishi

Micro Controller

  • Atmel (Arduino)
  • Microchip

Domotica (home control en visualisation)

Request a quotation for your project below. Working with Machworx guarantees a solution to any technical challenge