Specialist in Engineering and Rapid Prototyping

As specialist in mechanical engineering, special machine construction and installations we can be of service to you in many different areas of engineering.

Among other things for:

  • Research & development
  • Engineering
  • Consultancy
  • Strength calculations
  • Production support
  • Reverse-engineering
  • Troubleshooting

In most cases Machworx will take care of the entire development process, where we will assist the customer from concept to finished product. It goes without saying we can also be hired for the separate phases of the development process.

Machworx has a clear focus on engineering. You have the idea, we will develop it together wth you into a tangible finished product. You can rely on us for customer-specific solutions, from completely new products or concepts to modifications or improvements on existing machines. Thanks to our many years of experience and know-how we can be of service to you in an optimal way.

Speed up your development process with our Rapid prototyping services

Machworx also offers Rapid Prototyping services, where we use 3d printing to produce a prototype to scale of both parts and machines.

This enables you to present the machine both visually as well as functionally, even during the design process. We can also offer small production runs.

Rapid prototyping can speed up the development process as it offers the possibility to quickly convert new insights into tangible prototypes.

Within a very short time span (just a matter of a few days) and without additonal costs a model to scale can be produced.

Request a quotation for your project below. Working with Machworx guarantees a solution to any technical challenge